PT Cakravala Transformasi Digital

PT Cakravala Transformasi Digital was established in July 2019 with the aim of bringing companies in Indonesia to a high level of digital capabilities, especially in business. We provide digital solutions for your company. Design, plan, implement and manage your Information Communication Technology (ICT) system and turn it into a digital process by combining the latest technologies such as Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Apps to support the digital transformation process in your company.

Our Values


We always try to proactive, creative and innovative in delivering our solutions to the products and services we provide.

Product & Service Quality

We always provide services along with service level assurance (SLA), in order to guarantee the quality of products and services is always maintained.

Expert Team

Our team does not only master in terms of technology, but also knowledge of the industry that we made the solution. This is to ensure that our solutions are on target.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a commitment from management. The measure of our success is how the client feels satisfied with the products and services we provide.

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